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This library is a living entity, and will grow and change on a regular basis. The intention of this library is to provide you with comprehensive information on a wide variety topics related to marine aquaria and predatory/aggressive fishkeeping. These articles are not meant to be the "silver bullet" or the "final word" on the topic, but rather to give you an insight into someone else's successes and failures, so that you can make your own assessment and choose the path that is right for you.

We are always looking for contributions for the library, so if you see something missing and you have knowledge about it, write it up and send it to Greg and Renee.

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Care Guides

Mantis FAQs
by Ralph Sellitto

Waspfish Care Guide
by Greg and Renee Hix

Angler Care Guide

Coldwater Tank Care Guide

Eel Care Guide

Sharks & Rays Care Guide
by YOU?



Understanding and Treating Cryptocaryon irritans a.k.a. Ich
by Greg and Renee Hix

Methods of Quarantining your New Additions
by Greg and Renee Hix

Lionfish Anatomy
by Greg and Renee Hix

A Guide to the Most Common Fish Disease and Medical Conditions
by Blah Blah

Foods and Nutrition

Tools of the Trade: Equipment & techniques to convert your fish onto frozen.
by Greg and Renee Hix

You Are What You Eat: Tips on choosing, storing and preparing frozen fare.
by Renee Coles-Hix

When you Have to Use Live to Survive

Aquarium Environment

Beat the Summer Heat
by Greg and Renee Hix

Fire and Electrical Safety
by Greg and Renee Hix

Choosing Cleanup Crew Critters
by Greg and Renee Hix

Algae ID: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
by Renee Coles-Hix

Cycling a Marine Tank

Equipment & DIY

Building your own Standpipe
by Greg and Renee Hix

How to Easily and Cheaply Make DIY Fans
by Greg and Renee Hix

Installing a GFCI
by Greg and Renee Hix

by Renee Coles-Hix


HOW TO: Handle Your Venonmous Fish
by whoever

Recommended Books & Reviews

HOW TO: Pronounce the Scientific Name of your Favorite Scorps!

by whoever

HOW TO: Acclimate your fish.
by whoever

HOW TO: Prepare for Chemical Exposure (Painting/Fumigating/Etc.)

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