Amphipod – Gammarid

amphipod-gammarid-leftThese guys are an awesome member of the food chain in our captive environments. If you have amphipods and fish that will eat them, I guarantee your finned friends are the better for it. Do they come with 0% risk? No, I’m not going to say that. They are opportunistic omnivores/scavengers and in our unnatural environments, it would be reasonable to believe some could perhaps turn to an inappropriate diet or coral.

I do not feel the risk is large enough to warrant a warning. With how common amphipods are, if the risk was real we’d see more videos showing an amphipod actually eating the coral.  There are other videos that claim they show the critter eating the coral, but upon watching, they do not show that. I’m not saying these people are wrong in what they are observing with their own eyes. I am saying as a third party watching the video HOPING to see the amphipods chewing away…. my dream has yet to be fulfilled except in the one video below. 🙂  If you run across the video that clearly shows the amphipod biting into a coral, much like the one below, PLEASE email me. Starting at 23 seconds in, there is NO doubt he is eating the coral.



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