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Lionfish Lair’s Library

This library is a living entity, and will grow and change on a regular basis. Our goal  is to provide you with comprehensive information on a wide variety topics related to marine aquaria and predatory/venomous fishkeeping. These articles are not meant to be the “silver bullet” or the “final word” on the topic, but rather to give you an insight into someone else’s successes and failures, so that you can make your own assessment and choose the path that is right for you.

Care Guides

One thing we are really proud of here at Lionfish Lair, is our care guides. We’ve kept all the lions currently available to the hobby, so our advice comes from experience. We’ve also kept several specimens of different species, so we’ve  seen the variations and personality differences amongst the different fish. In the care guides you’ll find suggestions for training to frozen foods, statistics on each individual fish and even some simple things, such as audio on how to pronounce each fishes scientific name.

Health & Disease

Health and Disease is an important topic for anyone keeping marine fish. One of the most common ailment being Cryptocaryon irritans, otherwise known as Ich. It was written from the most recent peer-reviewed journal articles out there, giving your fish the best chance at survival.

To help prevent your whole tank being infected with such a disease, there’s also an guide on how to quarantine your fish.

Lastly, to help you be familiar with the different terms within, Lionfish Lair had anatomy artwork drawn to depict the important features found on a lion.


Food & Nutrition

The section is small in articles, but large in information. Our “Tools of the Trade” guide has received a lot of attention. A lot of our fish were thought to be impossible to train to frozen foods, yet with the help of the guide and the “Stealth Stick” within, you’ll have great success.
The next step in this section is to present a guide to selecting, storing and enriching foods for predators. It will come complete with it’s own little wallet size nutrition guide, to help you select foods at the market for your marine predatory fish.

Tools of the Trade

Aquarium Environment

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