QS – D. barberi 2017-02-09T09:03:53-08:00

This fish can be a bit secretive during the day, hiding in caves and crevices. One feature that stands out on this fish are its large red eyes, the color of which develops as the fish ages from its juvenile phase. This fish is very similar in appearance to the fuzzy dwarf; however, this species is not as colorful as is congener.

It is assumed that males will fight among their conspecifics as well with similarly appearing congeners, such as the aforementioned fuzzy. Mix the brachys and the barberi as you would a single species, one male to one or more females. Unfortunately, we found this to be true of not only those of the same genus, but those outside. Our Dendrochirus barberi chased and shredded the fins of a larger Pterois mombasae relentlessly. It can only be presumed that both were male as this same D. barberi cohabited peacefully with a presumed female D. brachypterus before being placed in the tank with the P. mombasae. This species is not very common in the aquarium trade, and is only occasionally available. Care is the same as for D. brachypterus.

This is one of two lionfish that are found only in Hawaii.