QS – C. multibarbus 2017-02-09T09:03:52-08:00

Like other stingfish, the ghoul has developed specialized, separated anterior pectoral rays that are independant of the rest of the pectorals (this fish has 3 on each side). They do not swim well, but can if needed. They most raise up and move along with their dactyles (fingers) combing through the substrate for worms, shrimp etc. (see videos below for a visual of this odd movement). Another feature, are they have beautiful flash colors on the back of their pectorals. They have been coined the Bearded Ghoul, due to the ever present chin “hairs” which are called dermal tassels.

These fish are very mellow and easily spooked. Although they would make a great tankmate in terms of their own disposition, they often can be harassed by other fish as well as outcompeted for food. We recommend a species only tank, as this fish is much coveted in the hobby. If you find one, give it the best chance at survival. If you are willing to risk it with other fish, choose mild mannered, non-grazing tankmates. Their mouth is surprizingly big, so tankmates should be larger than the diameter of his head.