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The zebra is one of the two more common dwarf lions in the hobby, with the most popular people the dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish.  The D. zebra can be identified by a dark spot on the lower portion of the operculum, the presence of two white spots (sometimes more of a free-form white “hourglass”) on the caudal peduncle, and dark concentric bands at the base of its beautiful webbed pectoral fins. The pectoral fin membranes extend almost to the fin ray tips, forming a non-incised web. Like most lionfish, the body pattern consists of alternating dark brown/reddish and light brown/off-white stripes. In the wild, this little lion is fond of sheltered areas with lower current flow, so be sure to provide it with some sheltered areas in which to rest and avoid fast laminar flow. In the wild, D. zebra preys mainly on crabs and shrimp, although they will occasionally eat small fish, and like all lionfish, is a crepuscular hunter.

In general, captive care for this fish is similar to that of the fuzzy dwarf. It has been found, however, that these fish can easily succumb to unknown illnesses when newly acquired. Once you get them past this initial stage, they can become very hardy and do well for you.


Zebras are more prone to falling ill than some of the other dwarfs. This is why they have earned the care level rating of moderate and why they do better in a 40 gallon tank. The Green Hawaiian and the Fuzzy can tolerate the more challenging conditions of a 30 gallon.



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