QS – P. heterura 2017-02-09T09:03:53-08:00
One of the more beautiful species of lionfish is the P. heterura. They have the body and pectorals of the Dendrochiruslions, the mustache of the Fu Manchu, and the dorsal spines of a Pterois. The trait that quickly separates them from the others, are their electric blue bands on their axillary surfaces of their pectoral and pelvic fin. On the opposing side of the pelvic fin is a notable coal black coloring.

This specimen sounds like THEE perfect lion except for one major flaw, their dismal survival rate in captivity. They also require a chilled tank, generally set at less than 65°F. Most people are unable to keep them longer than 6 months, with the average time much less. Then tend to die from a bacteria infection or unexplained instant death.