QS – P. amboinensis 2017-02-09T09:03:52-08:00

A rare gem, indeed, but fabulous little fish.  Their appearance can be variable, depending on their habitat.  Some appear “shaggy”, with almost hairlike dermal appendages covering their bodies, while others are almost smooth.  Some have antler-like supraorbital appendages that remind you of reindeer, while others do not.  This fish is actually very similar in shape to fish from genus Rhinopias, but in a smaller package. They are mild-mannered and entertaining fish that will soon know who the “food god” is and will come crutching over on their lacy pectorals, ready for a meal.  On the subject of food, these fish do not wean easily to frozen, and may need to be offered live ghost shrimp and guppies for life.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, these fish typically don’t survive long in captivity, and a specimen that seems to be thriving and is eating well will often simply be found dead after a few months.  Hopefully, someday, whatever is “missing” in their care will be understood, and they will become easier to keep.