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Like most other waspfish, the Wispy Waspfish is laterally compressed, and it coloration can vary from tans, to browns, and even reds. Interestingly, this species is often observed to alter its color from light to dark and vice-versa in captivity. Unlike its cousin the cockatoo, this fish lacks the large, sail-like dorsal fin, having deeply incised dorsal spines that often have little pennants on the ends, giving them a wispy appearance, hence their most commonly used name.

In captivity, we have found this fish to be a bit more sedentary than the cockatoo, but it does tend to remain within sight. They can blend so well with the rock, that at times they are difficult to find.

This is based on our own observations only. We need more people to keep, these and compare note,s before we can say this is typical behavior. Personality may account for the reclouse behavior and resistance to convert to frozen.


Zebras are more prone to falling ill than some of the other dwarfs. This is why they have earned the care level rating of moderate and why they do better in a 40 gallon tank. The Green Hawaiian and the Fuzzy can tolerate the more challenging conditions of a 30 gallon.






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