QS – R. eschmeyeri 2017-02-09T09:03:52-08:00

This fish, as well as the other “Rhinos” is truly one of the holy grails of the scorpionfish collector.  Their coloration can range from bright yellow, to purple, and everything in between. Two main characteristics identify this species, one of which is their non-incised dorsal fin, and the other being a lack of the sub-ocular appendages just below and between the eyes, which are present in R. frondosa.  Their pectoral fins are not as “lacy” in appearance as those of R. frondosa, and they lack also the wild markings of the weedy scorpionfish, being more solid in color.  The body is extremely laterally compressed, and this fish will often sway in the current mimicking a clump of algae.  We would like to mention that this species seems to be very prone to changing color in captivity.  Our specimen went from bright yellow to “tequila sunrise” to purple, and finally a pinkish color (it was in a setup with lots of coralline algae).

R. eschmeyeri gets along well with most fish, and make excellent tankmates for larger fish in most settings.  It should be given plenty of open space, as it rarely swims, preferring to hop and crutch along on its lacy pectorals.  It is a fairly sedentary fish, but when the fish is hungry, it tends to be a bit more active, and will indeed pray to the food god.