QS – S. caribbaeus 2017-02-09T09:03:52-08:00

Rather common on the reefs, but not very common in the trade, these fish are perfect for a smaller setup. These fish are a bit cryptic at first, and even after becoming established, are often found upside down in caves and overhangs, or strands of macro algae. They do not require the substrate real estate of some scorps due to this behavior. Our specimen definitely makes its presence known when it sees us in front of the tank, hoping for a tasty morsel. This fish can be recognized by its spotted fins, as well as a mask of spots across its eyes, and a line of spots on the caudal peduncle. Our specimen was originally white overall, with a dark diagonal band across its body, but the white background is now a nice pastel salmon color. This fish was “medium” difficulty in terms of weaning, and is now a solid stick feeder, although it would suffer from competition.





About 25 seconds in, there’s a quick peek. 🙂